I Am Alive!


I’m alive! The full impact of those two words needs to be told, not as a secret, but as some joy that lives within. With each breeze blowing its cooling mist upon my face, with each sound that nature brings vibrating in my inner ear, with red and gold colors decorating the trees and earth, with warm smells of apple pies or home-made bread filling the house, I know I’m alive.

I’m alive! As I wander through my day I see worries, pain, and yes, anger and hate, qualities that abound in ordinary life. Those things are not for me. I refuse to let the joy robbers steal my happiness or love of life. My spirit bubbles up within. I’m alive and I want the whole world to share my gladness.

Every day I want to share all the blessings I have, but my happiness does not come from things I own. My happiness springs from family and the time we spend together, from friends who give of themselves, from strangers who share kind words, and from myself, for I know of all the fond memories, the hopes and dreams, that make me what I am.

I’m alive and all my God-given senses are crying out to be fed. There is so much to feel, see, smell, hear, taste, and do. There are yet other unfulfilled longings as I stretch myself outward, eagerly reaching for more.

I have been filled to overflowing and I want to reveal all I have with others. I have discovered, though, that the more I give, the more I have left. The ever-filling well, the musical instrument that sings along with my soul, the closeness that needs not be spoken, they are all there, waiting for me to disclose them to friend and foe alike. I will share my joy gladly, for I am alive!



By Dan Roberson



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