Only a Caretaker
My children are not my children, they are God’s.
I am only a caretaker and in me is entrusted,
Their welfare, their spiritual upbringing,
Their happiness, their love.
It is no small task caring for these children,
Their value is more than precious gems,
My best, my all, is required,
My honor is at stake.
I am not just a caretaker,
I am required, privileged, and honored,
To be given this responsibility,
Someday I will be held accountable
For all I have or have not done for them.
Each year, each day, each moment of love,
Is marked upon their hearts
And I want no scars to tell them I did not do my part.
I thank God for this awesome task,
Strength and guidance is all I ask,
To let these children thrive while in my hands,
Giving them the opportunity to grow in love,
Love straight from their Father above,
And I, while only a caretaker,
Will be doubly blessed,
Caught in the middle of this love exchange.

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