Please, One More Chance

Sounds made by tongues, that’s all they were,
Polite greetings, small talk, a fare-thee-well,
And then we went about our daily tasks,
Not once did I hear the hum of your thoughts,
The strum of your heart strings,
Nor anything important,
With your eyes you talked about everything,
Yet you talked about nothing,
I went away with an emptiness,
Perhaps you, too, felt the space between us,
As words filled the hollows,
And were only used as insulation,
To keep walls between us solid and secure,
There may be other chances tomorrow,
But I lost a golden moment today,
For you were here and I had so much to say,
And time was fleeting for both of us,
Those walls filled with words,
Sealing us into a lonely world,
Oh, for one more chance to greet you with a kiss,
To say all I need to say,
For our eyes to be locked in close embrace,
Our hearts thumping in unison,
And words, shared words, whispered words of love.

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