Secrets of Living

Secrets of Joyful Living
The world does not rush past my window,
It comes and knocks quietly and takes me along,
For I have learned the secrets of living,
I have learned to sing the Creator’s song.
His world is made up of many things: love, life, and dreams,
A world of laughter and tears, learning and giving,
A world in which I have an active part,
Of listening, sharing, reaching, loving, and living,
As I struggle each and every day,
I search for the Lord, to follow the light,
As I hunger for the truth,
I read His Word to know what’s right,
Joy bubbles up from deep within my heart,
And is released in quiet, sincere prayers of thanksgiving,
And songs of joyful noise and exultant praise,
To me these are the secrets of living.

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