To The Sea

To The Sea
I thought you had everything to offer,
And I, straight off my Viking ship,
Tarried awhile taking my plunder,
Loving each minute, each hour, each day,
But the wind was blowing straight from the sea,
Calling my name, calling for me,
I thought I could sate my appetite,
With you close by my side,
The sun shining in your hair,
Love in your eyes and on your lips,
But the rains came and splashed upon my face,
And I knew there was yet another place,
I thought this was the time to settle down,
And stop my meandering ways,
Quietly watch the flowers bloom,
Grow old in the same evening shade,
But a red sky in the morning warned me,
And I went back to the sea where I should be.

9 thoughts on “To The Sea

    1. Walking barefoot on the beach, mist on my face, listening to gulls and seals,waching the sun come up, and praising God for all the beauty–what more could I ask for?

  1. Such a beautiful one again. There’s a refreshing feel to it.. wonderfully written Dan!! I almost felt as if I was walking through the sea beach ready to plunge in 🙂

    Amazing Read it is!!

    1. I love feeling the ocean breezes as I walk the beach, especially in the early morning. Everything seems right with the world. Thank you for your reply.

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