Perspective of Wealth

Perspective of Wealth
There are worse things in life than being poor,
Though I in my wisdom have oft thought it was the worst,
Yet now I see it doesn’t buy health or honest smile,
For many times have I seen trickery or a bubble burst,
Neither does wealth reach across the miles,
Bringing joy, laughter, or memories shared from the heart.

Laugh, if you will, and eat cake while I eat stale bread,
Play loud songs from your spacious homes well-lit,
And complain about the throngs nearby who moan and beg,
It appears the world is under your control from where you sit,
For you have soft hands and well-tanned leg,
And money to burn, time to play, and only good things to see.

Power and pride ride high along the crest of money’s wave,
Taking silver spoons and lucky entrepreneur for easy ride,
While death stalks the poor from dirt and grime,
Yet when dark comes it is said death also comes inside,
And the rich cannot wash their hands of crime,
It is only their clothes that can be changed, not their hearts.

The rich and poor wear the same skins and the same greed,
And both can be touched by burning love or stinging pain,
Although the rich have walled themselves in,
Trying to isolate themselves from loss or gain,
While the poor only have emotions to win,
When money isn’t a factor, it’s easier to settle for mirth or sorrow.

For those on the bottom sometimes everything above looks good,
Forgetting that wealth ill-gotten stains the head and hands,
And too easy can be spent or locked away,
Where freedom to love or live comes with steel bands,
There’s more to lose, further to fail, each and every day,
I think it’s better to be poor, but not as poor as I am.

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