I have stored treasures over my lifetime,
Treasures which need to be shared,
Treasures which I cannot keep to myself,
For I will not have them fade into nothingness,
It would then be as if I had never existed,
As if all my senses had never awakened,
Leaving a deep void in this fabric of life.

What do I have to share with anyone?
There are rosy sunrises and golden sunsets,
Flowers newly opened and richly fragrant,
Seashores and pounding waves,
Mountains of verdant firs and pines,
The touch of a baby’s tender skin,
The smell of earth after a cooling rain,
All these are treasures which I have stored within,
There are memories of what was and dreams of what could be,
There are challenges to be met,
There are problems to forget,
And there are warm tender moments waiting,
Like logs to be placed upon a fire,
Moments where two people let their spirits merge into one.

Where can I find someone to share my flame,
Before my candle flickers and goes out?
Where can I find someone to share my memories,
That which makes me who I am?
I have waited so long and I have been patient,
But has my wait been in vain?
Will I never love again?
Who will share my treasures?
Or are they meant to touch my life alone,
To be enjoyed briefly and brought to the grave,
Never having been exposed to the cooling air of love,
Trapped in a cocoon and never becoming a butterfly,
Never becoming beautiful, never flying,
Just like me, locked in a humdrum life,
Rarely able to fully enjoy the real treasures of life.

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