Leave Me Alone!

Leave Me Alone! (A message to parents)
Leave me alone,
You have tried to change me too many times,
You want to smooth out the rough spots in my life.
But leave me alone,
I am comfortable just as I am,
I do not want to be like you or the people you’ve known.
I am special in my own way,
And my uniqueness cannot be duplicated.
Leave me alone,
And I will discover the world,
Absorbing the sunbeams, crossing the narrow gorges,
Chancing heart, soul, and life,
But doing it my own way.
Although you are important,
I cannot risk having you around,
For you want to fix what is not broken.
My life is not your life,
My heart is not your heart,
It beats to its own tune,
And I will do what I need to do,
Enjoying the flowers, watching the sea,
Living a life that is best for me.

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