Just a Friend (or Just for Spite)

Just a Friend (or Just for Spite)
“You’re just a friend,” I was told, “forget the familiar stuff.”
Then you laughed scornfully, because your heart was tough.
“Fine with me,” I caustically replied, and went my merry way,
“I’ll forget your face and your charms, perhaps this very day.”
I tried my hardest, my very darndest, to keep me at my word,
But I forgot what I told myself and this is what occurred,
I asked you out, perhaps for spite, I know I lost my head,
And you should have played your part by saying, quote, “Drop dead!”
But no! “Yes,” you said, and acted very pleased,
And one thing led to another until on bended knee,
I said, “I don’t need other friends. Won’t you marry me?”
(It was plain you should have laughed if you wanted to stay free).
A joke, it was a joke, not to be taken seriously,
But you went and told who should not be told, friends and family,
There was no escape this dastardly deed, without losing face,
And I pondered long and deep, what another would do in my place,
I remembered your words, those deadly words, you’d once said to me,
“Just a friend, only a friend,” and then laughed derisively,
My heart grew cold, so very cold, as my revenge I planned out,
And what I did, I’m sure was best, of that I have no doubt,
I made you eat those words, those ruthless words, you once said to me,
I married you and became more than a friend, and all I was meant to be.

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