Why Did I Leave Her?

Reason for Leaving
She made me laugh, that’s why I loved her,
We danced well together, swaying to old songs,
When we were alone, she let me know I was special,
So how did everything go wrong?
She told me I made her feel alive,
Gave her a reason to live,
All this and so much more,
What simple explanation can I give?
So why did I leave her?
She was beautiful and I was proud,
I remember when she acted like she belonged,
I’d show her off to each and every crowd,
I was vain, and she taught me to be humble,
I used her but she used me even more,
She broke me and made me crumble.
She was wild and free, dancing catlike and sensuous,
Drawing me into a passion hot and fierce,
Burning me with both love and anger,
She found a thousand ways my heart to pierce,
Abusive, yet tender, independent, but filled with need,
The way the world loved her consumed me,
My heart’s warnings I did not heed,
Then why did I leave her?
She was too perfect, I could find no flaw,
We read the same books, listened to the same music,
It was nothing I saw,
We took long walks around the zoo,
She’d laugh with delight, I would too,
When we went to plays it was a meeting of the minds,
Later we talked, shared, found each other in the dark,
There was electricity, spark after spark,
Then why did I leave her?
She was intelligent and compassionate,
Being able to share a bond with all living things,
So why was I still searching for meaning,
Why after spending quiet time together,
I still wanted to be alone,
I guess I’ll never know because now she’s gone,
She was too true to be good,
Too good for me and the standards I understood,
She was better than me,
It was very plain to see,
That’s why I left her.

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