Apartment Living

Impressions of Apartment Living
Who’s that stomping on the floor in the deep of night?
Whose voices muffled do I hear?
Is it deadly foe, or someone I know?
The floors are creaking, water is running,
Telephones ringing, someone singing,
Someone knocking on a door, perhaps the next floor,
Could it be friends coming to visit?
Laughter down the hall, someone pounding on a wall,
Crying in the middle of the night, something’s not right,
Emotions are being shared, but not with me,
And throughout the din, my walls keep closing in,
Smells of a barbeque from a party upstairs,
And I wish I’d been invited by someone who cares,
T.V. programs endless, finding something to do,
Four blank walls and no one to talk to,
Exercising to keep up strength, but please leave no time to think,
Checking the mailbox, walking to the store,
I’m busy, yes, but there has to be more,
Perhaps someone will visit, either friend or kin,
Because when I’m alone, my walls keep closing in.

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