Proper Rules of Dating

The Proper Rules Of a Ladies’ Man
I’m not misbehaving when I want to play by different rules,
Because here we sit side by side, doing nothing like two fools,
You haven’t slapped my hands, and certainly not my face,
You haven’t giggled nervously, or put me in my place,
My hands have been but two, and certainly not like eight,
To my way of thinking, this has been a dull first date,
We haven’t started wrestling, or kissed long and hot,
And now I’ve started worrying, that I’m something that I’m not,
So let’s cuddle a little closer, until the clock strikes ten,
Then it’ll be fun and games, by the proper rules again,
I’ll chase and you can run, or the other way around,
Or you can snap and snarl, or calmly stand your ground,
We’ll know when the smoke has cleared, just where the rules are drawn,
By that time we’ll have something to show, for all the time that’s gone,
So if I’m misbehaving by not doing what I can,
Just remind me you’re a lady, and I’m a ladies’ man.

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