Silver Perfect

Like Two Silver Fish
Cat and mouse we played along the stretches of the interstate,
Like two silver fish sliding in silver stream, we matched rate to rate,
Your eyes of blue piqued my interest and we danced mile after mile,
And I was increasingly charmed by your smile, a dazzling smile,
It was then I convinced you with hand to mouth,
That we should dine and converse by going south,
Surprisingly you said yes and followed me to Apple Annie’s,
Where we reflected on where silver stream of life was taking us,
Like a bubbling brook your laugh cascaded across me as we discussed,
Our interest in books, music, and all life proffered,
Friendship was born in that instant and I wanted all you offered,
Off to the movies we went but opted for a stroll in the mall,
We had coffee in a corner where we could stall,
Wanting to be forgotten by the world and forgotten by time,
Emotions filling us, laughter, sadness, pensive quiet, and moods sublime,
Then we were back in our cars and you were gone,
And I was wishing for a lifetime of moments not yet done,
Wishing there had been dancing and holding you tight,
For dancing melds friendships and thoughts to warm the night,
Heartbeats against my chest to wake me in the morn,
Not a friendship to yearn for or to mourn,
Silvery fish playing in the shadows, playing in the dark,
In those hours of connection we made our mark,
Like two silver fish playing in life’s silver stream,
I wanted you to be more than just a fleeting dream,
I wanted you to feel the warmth radiating from my heart,
Wanted my silver love to keep you from wanting to part,
For you were special to me then and still are,
And I still wish upon a silver star, for you and your silver car.

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