If Only

If Only
If I were a flower I would face the sun,
And smile continually until the day was done,
If I were a bird I would sing in the rain,
Verse after verse of a happy refrain,
And no one would know my heart was in pain.

If I were an orator I would let words of praise,
Fill great halls with wisdom for endless days,
If I were a pilot I’d circle the sky,
Not even letting time pass me by,
And I would hide the truth behind the lie.

If I were a doctor I would cut out the stone,
Until I left only the flesh and bone,
If I were an artist I would paint roses in a stream,
Or I would paint pictures of your favorite dreams,
And no one would guess all was not as it seemed.

Yet “if” is only a cruel guessing game,
And each day has brought me more of the same,
Shallow smiles, hollow words, and hidden agony,
But I know I could control my destiny,
If—If only you loved me

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