Wild Bird

Wild Bird
In a corner quiet and still,
My wild bird waits,
Eyes half shut, she trembles,
Waiting for the hand she hates,
But I gently pull her out,
Away from her security perch,
And set her softly down,
Upon a limb of birch,
Her pulse is throbbing so strong,
I feel it in the air,
She is scared, my poor little bird,
And seems to be frozen there,
Locked up so long in that tiny cage,
She’s forgotten how to fly,
And now with me hovering near,
She’s still afraid to try,
I know what’ll happen, little bird,
If you refuse to try,
Your heart will freeze and stop,
And then—you’ll die,
I don’t want that on my mind,
So don’t look at me—look at the sky,
And dream big dreams of your own,
Fly, wild bird, fly.

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