A Tapestry of Dreams

A Tapestry of Dreams
I will weave a tapestry of dreams,
Tying moments of gold to crimson fire,
Depicting a life that abounds with love,
But though I weave these dreams to inspire,
Or to let one believe that dreams can be real,
You get to choose what you wish to have,
The sun’s fire upon an ocean sail,
Or the whimsical journey of a vapor trail,
You choose whether the harsh light of reality,
Or the gossamer threads and frailties, of dreams,
Too often have I trod upon sharpened stones,
Or stung by words from even sharper tongues,
Too often have I been trapped by boundaries,
Others have chosen for me,
But in dreams I can take charge of all I see,
Avenge my past or conquer the day to day,
My dreams can be castles built among the clouds,
Undisturbed by anyone but me,
That knowledge gives me hope in what is yet to come,
And I don’t worry about a perfect Eden or a world undone,
For my tapestry of dreams covers a multitude of wrongs,
And I can face life’s challenges, alert and strong.

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