My Dream Lover

My Dream Lover
A taut body long and lean,
Stretched before me in my dream,
And silky hair with lustrous sheen,
Poured over her shoulders,
Thought I, “It is only a dream,”
But I could feel her liquid eyes watching me,
Waiting for me to urge her near,
Listening for whispered love words in her ear,
“But it is only a dream,” thought I,
I must live in reality,
I did not heed the burning, red-hot need,
That was growing inside,
Nor did I move when her moistened lips,
Feverously, tenderly, wantonly, called my name,
Or when I saw the writhing of her hips,
“It is only a dream,” and I must live in reality,
Where a dull world and a dull life,
Requires that I take a steadfast wife,
And a dream avoids facing the real,
And keeps me from having to feel,
For passion burns the candle too fast,
But with dullness a life will last,
But I think I deserve love’s mighty power,
To be more than just part of an hour,
So I can’t ignore the dream and let passion go,
Or stay away from love’s precious flow,
But I keep my dreams to myself,
Only touching upon what could be,
Withdrawing before dream becomes reality,
For the world has little room for a dreamer,
Or one who loves too much too long,
A transient world, a shallow world,
Where dreams cannot take root and grow.

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