Where is My Lover?
In my heart there is a terrible yearning,
For a lover with passion burning,
And the heat from her desire,
Would send my flames higher and higher,
I could perish from that heat, but with a smile,
And my heart would be sated for awhile,
For I would know that I died from love’s flame,
Rather than have ice to blame,
For now around my heart are icy bands,
Waiting for tender, loving, warm hands,
To have my skin tingle with anticipation,
Waiting for enthusiastic participation,
To lock the ice without and fan the flames within,
And all worries and thoughts of tomorrow suspend,
Living and sharing the moments of bliss,
Sealing the bargain with red hot kiss,
I dare not think of love as balloon already burst,
For being empty is the worst,
So where is this lover to ignite my heart,
I’m ready and willing for her to start,

I would rather die by passion’s flame,
And on my lips her name, her name.

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