How Can I?

How Can I?
How can I hear music without remembering you?
Without feeling you, how can I dance?
While the beat goes on I’m in a trance,
Remembering your warmth pressed to me,
While my world goes on silently,

Without you here, nothing will ever be the same,
I won’t be able to face the storm and the rain,
Nor will I ever learn to laugh again,
When the wind howls mournfully, I’ll go inside,
And call your name, but there’ll be no place to hide,

How can I see a tree or hear the murmur of a brook?
It is the musical tinkle of your laugh I listen for,
As I go through each and every open door,
And verdant meadow and the green of the trees,
Are reflections from your eyes and bring me to my knees,

How can I escape when I’m full of memories?
Where can I go without seeing your smiles?
How can I cross the empty miles?
Thoughts of you pull like an undertow,
Your face is everywhere I go,

How can I kiss someone without feeling you shiver?
How can I hold someone else in my arms,
Or love someone else while knowing your charms,
In my heart I’m always singing you a love song,
That lasts throughout the night and all day long.

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