Granite Walls

Granite Walls
Yosemite’s granite protects the vulnerable valley,
From those who would love it more,
Staying fiercely independent, forever young,
Even with admirers it cannot ignore.

So I think it is with you, surrounded by walls,
Letting some sunshine spread warmth within,
But shadows play across your heart,
Never giving your heart a chance to mend.

Even with steep protective walls the valley opens up,
Eager at times to flaunt cascading falls,
Eager to show its emerald growing splendor,
Knowing beauty cannot remain behind walls.

There are times that you, too, are quick to share,
Putting your love and compassion on display,
Eager for someone to cherish your ideas and beauty,
Knowing you cannot always lock yourself away.

The valley is loved too much to be admired from afar,
And in the balance hangs its fate,
Adapting to those who love it much,
Knowing it cannot return to pristine state.

Now that you are discovered you cannot hide,
And I ask you to open your heart’s door,
Your walls cannot keep you forever in,
Let me share with you forevermore.

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