So Much to Learn

So Much to Learn
At this time of life there’s not time to burn,
There is so much to know and much yet to learn,
I don’t expect to be omniscient, a sage, or worldly wise,
Though I yearn to peer through my own self guise,
True feelings and thoughts I’m learning about,
Bits and pieces my memory pulls out,
Crevices and nooks my brain has concealed,
Problems and wounds that have never been healed,
I’m drifting through life along a turbulent rim,
Bounced this way and that by a maelstrom’s whim,
Youth’s lifelong goals have never been met,
They’ve been revised, adjusted, reset and reset,
But I continue to dream, for dreams have carried me this far,
For reality has proven elusive and painful, a distant star,
But dreams are like hugging an ocean mist,
They’re there, but they’re not, if you get my gist,
And I’m left with a cold, wet numbness stinging me,
Leaving me afraid to laugh, cry, or just to be,
But life goes on and I pass the famine to reach the feast,
I travel forever west to get to the east,
Topsy turvy, a world in a spin,
I can survive it once, but never again,
It’s never easy what I need to learn,
What isn’t given free I have to earn,
But time has slipped by and left me unawares,
I am little wiser now than when young with few cares,
I have come full circle, finding myself once again,
Discovering what I have and haven’t done, in a world in a spin,
I’m confused by who I am, by the stranger I find,
I’m traveling through life, with time out of mind.

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