Time Has Changed Me

Time Has Changed Me

Time has taken away my youthful look,
Taken away my keener eye and spring out of my step,
I could say time has done me no favors,
But I would be wrong, for I am strong,
Strong in spirit and guile,
Knowing what it takes to go the extra mile,
Knowing what it takes to love and love again,
Time has changed me,
Giving me bones that fail,
But giving me wisdom to see what lies beyond each wall,
Knowing there’s life after a fall,
Proving to me life goes on,
That tomorrow will probably come,
Time has taught me that I have experience to choose,
More wisely each and every time,
Showing me what I already knew,
That appearance does not count,
As much as what springs from the heart,
Time has changed me and now I can see,
Through the eyes of one who can love,
Through the eyes of one who is not afraid,
Wise and brave enough to be vulnerable,
Time has educated me,
I know that sensitivity is a gift to be shared,
That when love is given away it returns fourfold,
That pain can be a springboard to wisdom,
That life goes on,
That waiting patiently brings one reward,
While seizing an opportunity brings another,
Time has trained me,
Giving me a chance to improve and grow,
To learn all I should know,
To make amends for each and every sin,
That I let spring up and dwell within,
I have changed and am changing yet,
But I am not finished, my ways aren’t set,
For I am learning more about life’s intricate beauty,
And as time marches on, about love and duty,
Giving me all the tools I need,
To cultivate, prepare, and plant the seeds,
Easing the burdens of all who’ll hear,
Giving them hope for another year,
Letting them feel the warmth of wisdom,
Encouraging them to march to their own beat,
Telling them that life’s flickering moments,
Are warmed by love’s heat,
I have learned much in my lifetime,
Things I should have known but didn’t get,
But I have changed and am changing yet.

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