My Heart Asks

My Heart Asks, “Which One?”
Which one, O Lord, do You choose?
Or have You already made Your desires known?
Should I reach out, or wait?
Please open the door to someone’s heart—or close the gate,
If I have doubts about whom You choose,
Help me realize I’ll never lose,
Your choice alone is the best,
For I cannot see the heart within the breast,
Outside beauty my eyes can see,
But I don’t know what’s best for me,
So Lord, choose and guide my ways,
That I might love another day,
Yet should it be for me to wait,
Then Lord, gently close the gate,
And lead me single through this life,
Fruitfully living without a wife,
Blessing others and loving still,
Doing all I can within Your will.

One thought on “My Heart Asks

  1. Dan, this is so beautiful. I have enjoyed reading many of your poems online. Thank you so much for publishing your works so others can be uplifted by reading them!

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