Open Your Heart

Open Your Heart
Come to me with fresh eyes,
And see the world as I see it,
Come to me with open arms,
Let me show you compassion and love,
Come to me ready to listen,
Let me whisper sweet honeyed words that drip and ooze,
Come to me with soft, soft lips,
Let me taste and nibble as we pass the time,
Open your heart and your mind,
I’ll fill your dreams with fiery passion,
Come to me dressed in riotous colors,
And I’ll soon have your hues subdued,
I’ll caress your skin and play with your hair,
I’ll tease and please until you don’t care,
But come to me soon with open arms,
And we’ll see, and hear, and fill the time,
With love that’ll pass all reason and rhyme,
So open your heart and let me in,
And we’ll let those waiting dreams begin.

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