More Fish in the Sea

More Fish in the Sea
I sat on a rock overlooking the water,
Basking in the sun,
Dreaming of all that was good,
Waiting for a fish to run,
Breakers crashed against my feet,
Reminding me of the power,
That was hidden within the waves,
And each and every hour,
I thought about my life,
How it had slipped through my hands,
Power I could not control,
With any of love’s mighty strands,
A gull had flown by calling for his mate,
And I waved him feebly off,
For I remembered the time,
When my own heart was soft,
I loved for the moment to heart’s content,
Not ready for the time to end,
How could I know she loved another,
And our time was growing thin,
A sea lion barked as he guarded his pier,
A wise thing I see in hindsight,
He stayed ever wary of intruders,
Ready to challenge and fight,
I’ve been told over and over again,

There are more fish in the sea,
But my thoughts were on the one,
Who I thought was best for me,
So I sat upon this rock,
Casting my baited hook patiently,
Hoping a fish would take a chance,
And do a dance for me,
The sun was sinking beneath the waves,
The fog was creeping in,
It was time for me to load up,
And face life with a grin,
I had not given up hope, you see,
My luck would change some day,
For the ocean was big and deep and wide,
And a fish would come my way.

6 thoughts on “More Fish in the Sea

    1. When my life needed to go on, I hope I’ve learned a lesson or two from the sea. Thank you for inviting me to the potluck.

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