I Am Growing Old But I Have Other Parades to Lead

I Am Growing Old But I Have Other Parades To Lead
How can I reach the stars,
When you hold me to earth,
Saying, “You’re too old to dream?”
How can I run with the wind,
When you tell me I should walk,
Only the young should run or dance,
How can I watch an eagle soar,
Or smell the rain sweet scent of roses,
When you urge me to rest my weary bones,
My blood still courses hot through my veins,
And my sleep is fitful and wearisome,
But it is not the sleep of the aged,
I am like a young colt, chomping at the bit,
Eager to go and see what has long been denied,
Green worlds await me, hot white stars call my name,
The ocean beats out a rhythm begging me to dance,
Butterflies are waiting to kiss my cheeks,
I yearn for some long forgotten land,
But who will go with me? No, not you,
You seek the crowds, you soak the sun,
Of the ancient mummified desert kings,
You are ready to join them in their dusty sleep,
But I have so much of the world to see,
So much life yet to live,
I cannot spare the time to think of death,
I am growing old, but I have other parades to lead,
Other worlds to conquer,
A world to save from those who only see yesterday,
And forget all the beauty that is here to savor,
Life is a struggle against the current,
But I welcome the icy cold, for it refreshes me,
Keeps me alive and singing new songs,
I am alive and free, racing the winds, touching the stars,
Letting the mud ooze between my toes,
So who knows?
I may walk this world forever,
Whispering songs to those who’ll listen,
Planting seeds for profusions of multi-colored flowers,
And humming to the bees,
And though I age, I have no time to grow old,
There is too much to do, to hear, to smell, to see,
I choose life for me,
What do you choose for you?

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