Beauty Among the Thorns

Beauty Among the Thorns
There was dirt in my blood, and hay in my hair,
I was an old farm boy, from way over there,
I’d seen the sun rise, on a few good crops,
I’d weathered the storms, watched the rain drops,
I scratched where it itched, but I had no excitement,
Till I went off and got hitched!
She was a dainty city girl, with delicate white hands,
Preferring apartments to farm houses, she couldn’t stand the land,
We fought from dusk to dawn, over chickens in the yard,
She took the fight out of my country, giving up bees sure was hard!
I’ve mellowed a bit over the years, wisdom has cleared my head,
There’s children now underfoot, bringing new problems to dread,
They’ve each got their pets, dogs, cats, and birds, too,
They could use some space to play, so it doesn’t feel like a zoo,
There is no quiet in this city life, with raucous honking and beeping horns,
I long for the quiet of country life, but I love my beauty among the thorns.

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