North Kansas City Hospital

This is a message to friends of mine,
Who work with patients from time to time,
You let everyone know that you care,
And that message is indeed rare.

Patients entered through emergency doors,
Were quickly whisked to appropriate floors,
Scrubbed and sanitized by surgeons and crew,
The old was removed and in with the new,

While we lay helpless in our beds,
Trying to rest our weary heads,
To individual rooms we were carefully pushed,
Awakening in rooms that were clean and hushed,

With backless gowns and in agony,
We were allowed to keep our dignity,
Some had surgery, some had burns,
We found it hard to be still, hard to turn,

But with proper medication we felt little pain,
And if we followed instructions we would get the most gain,
Nurses and techs greeted us with smiles,
Bringing compassion and hope down lonely aisles,
Angels of mercy to those with needs,
The staff looms tall in our hearts with their selfless deeds.

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