Another World

Another World
There’s a star somewhere waiting for me,
With planets, red, blue, and green,
One of those has oceans of air,
And water clear and clean,
I dream of my planet and all it has,
Its rocks, its sand, its loam,
A planet yet unspoiled by man,
My home away from home,
From my soul it’s taken its toll,
That star in yonder realm,
I can picture a crew in slim starship,
With me at the helm,
I yearn to go and stake my claim,
I’m bubbling to the brim,
To reach that unchartered place,
Like a courageous pilgrim,
It won’t be long before I’m gone,
To gaze on that vast terrain,
And another world we will begin,
And there we will remain,
It’s my dream but let’s make it yours,
We both can have a share,
One planet, warm, free, and wild,
Is waiting for us there.

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