Smoldering Embers

Smoldering Embers
It was curiosity, friendship, and an undefined allure,
Or perhaps some emotions obscure,
That brought me to assess the bear damage with you,
It was reported that a rogue bear had your cabin askew,
It was not in your best interest, nor in mine,
I went with an insatiable eagerness hoping to find,
More about us, if there ever could be anything there,
A spark, a flame, or simply a resolution of I don’t care,
Despite all the things I needed to do,
Despite knowing all the pitfalls of being alone with you,
Letting my heart and boldness lead me on,
Overriding my fears and any shreds of wisdom,
I could have said no but I could not let you go alone,
There was so much friendship to develop on our own,
A wonderful opportunity, I did not show my chagrin,
There was a wait-and-see attitude behind my grin,
The air was crisp as we entered your cabin’s space,
We looked for bear damage but could find little trace,
With little to repair we had time to explore,
And talk about nothing, talk about everything, talk even more,
In easy going conversation our guards we let down,
Finding areas of compatibility, previously unfound,
We had lunch and warmed the cabin with a fire,
But there was tension building, higher and higher,
It could have been the walk around the lake,
Or a chance we suddenly decided to take,
Mutual attraction or electricity in the air,
There was a change that drove me beyond care,
I reacted spontaneously to the setting and to you,
Of course you were ready, too,
I could not have predicted the outcome of that day,
I don’t think I would have done things a different way,
Nor do I have regrets, only fond memories,
Of the cabin, our walk, the bear, the trees,
But mostly memories of you that haunt my dreams,
Leaving me wanting more, and it seems,
If we say we don’t love each other then we’re both liars,
Smoldering embers only need to be stirred to raise raging fires.

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