Love on the Internet

Love on the Internet
Life is a love story if I believe what I’ve been taught,
There’s someone out there just waiting to be caught,
Desire is stirring me to step from the shadows it seems,
And play the game of love on the playground of dreams,
I’m ready to reach out, risk my heart in another game,
For someone I deem worthy, I don’t yet know her name,
A special friend who is willing to turn her heart loose,
Someone who is willing to share her dreams and to choose,
I’ve been looking for love and searching far and wide,
Trying to find somebody, anybody, that feels right inside,
From the safety of my home I timidly tiptoe,
Across city, state, country and around the world I go,
Making friends with total strangers on the internet,
Fingers flying, doing the dance of love with someone I just met,
Anxious to play the game but trying to keep my heart intact,
But knowing I can’t have love unless I interact,
There is no standing on the sidelines hoping to cast a spell,
This is not something where I might kiss and tell,
I’m looking for that special friend that smiles a genuine smile,
Someone who shows she’s worthy, even across the miles,
Yet I know that I might not find the love I’m yearning for,
I want a love, a deep, deep love, that touches me to the core,
I want to see the joy in her words each and every time we meet,
And feel the smiles across the miles every time we greet,
I’m afraid to admit I want someone to fill my emotional needs,
For I’ve been hurt by others and their dastardly deeds,
I’ve never been cut or bled to death, but felt a world of pain,
In spite of the dangers lurking there, I see potential gain,
So across the web I look for love, someone to have and hold,
And if I don’t find all I want, I’ll settle for a heart of gold,
Risking all my heart, and always warming to the task,
Will I really find what I’m looking for, or it this too much to ask?
This internet love leaves much unsaid, until we’re face to face,
Romance will meet reality, and perhaps leave without a trace,
But I hope for a lasting love as we take this second chance,
And we smile, we talk, we touch, as we begin this bonding dance,
The world is my playground as I search the internet,
And the world is full of people, friends I haven’t met.

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