I Am the Spirit of Love

I Am the Spirit of Love
I am the sun that warms your face,
I am the wind that whispers in your ear,
I am the smiles that greet you place to place;

I am the cold that hugs you in morning fog,
The ice that tempts your tongue to touch,
I am the breath of spirited dialogue;

I cannot be caught by gossamer thread,
Steel bands or legal red tape,
Or even by honeyed words softly said;

I am the spirit of freedom that soars,
Touching many vulnerable hearts,
Unlocking many of tyranny’s guarded doors;

I am the spirit of love, wild and free,
Bringing back to life that which was barren,
Ranging far and wide on romantic spree;

Do not try to hold me too long,
Though I yearn for your caress and your embrace,
The tides of freedom are too strong;

I am pulled afar again, beyond the sea and sky,
Leaving you alone where you are,
Leaving no place for you and I;

Because I am the ice, the cold, and the smiles,
I cannot stop until I’m done,
The spirit of love ranges miles;

Don’t talk to me of warming my feet by your fire,
For I’ll not buy you a wedding gown,
Or give you your heart’s desire;

I am the spirit of love, wild and free,
Skipping lightly down passion’s paths,
Knowing what can and cannot be;

I’ll touch your heart and whisper in your ear,
I do not come without your bidding,
If your heart searches for love, remember I am near;

Tenderness, warmth, passion—each love has its rightful place,
So take what you will and have your fill,
And leave with a smile on your face;

You’ll stare at me and I’ll enter your welcoming eyes,
You’ll give me your heart and mind,
But my home is the earth, sea, and sky;

I’ll give you love and I’ll try to please,
Yet when it’s time for me to soar,
Your holds on me will cease;

But if you want love, just for a little while,
I’ll give you love, whatever I have,
And leave you with a smile.

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