When I See You I Still Wave

When I See You I Still Wave
I’m sorry I could not be what you wanted,
Just a companion and friend,
I got too close and could not resist,
The steady pull of love’s warmth,
There were but two choices left,
To draw closer to the fire,
Or escape its pull,
I could not orbit endlessly in a luke-warm position,
Your words began to eat at me,
You said six months from now things would be the same,
You are comfortable now and there is no reason to change,
Your children wanted a dad and you didn’t
Think you could give them one,
I lost all reason to hope,
Especially when you said you didn’t love me,
Your words cut deep and my love bled away,
When I see you I still wave,
And my heart pounds wildly within my chest,
But the past is over and I’ll put it to rest,
And I’ll hold my head up proudly,
Keeping happy memories tied up with the sad,
Loving you freed my heart, for that I am glad.

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