Now What?

Now What?
You walked by and turned my life upside down,
Around me a silken thread you wound,
Quiet and sad your eyes let me know,
You had already been through highs and lows,
And the wounds inflicted were still raw and fresh,
The baggage you carried went beyond the flesh,
Your loneliness was something I could feel though,
Something I thought I could fix, you tempted me so,
I saw a woman intelligent and fair,
And I wanted you to know that I care,
Call it foolish pride or a chauvinistic frill,
Or maybe it was just my own stubborn will,
I opened doors as a gentleman should,
But you objected to old-style knighthood,
Words failed me as I waited patiently,
Not knowing whether to be aggressive, alive and free,
I was not concerned about your independent view,
You are entitled to that no matter what I do,
I would still like one more chance,
To share, to talk, to grow, to dance,
If only as a friend, that would suffice,
And if more, that would be nice,
I know that you intrigue me,
This chapter is not over if we agree,
There’s at least one more page,
I’m like a restless tiger in a cage,
So let’s draw up the rules for this game we play,
And I’ll sublimate my fire for one more day,
But the time is awkward somehow for me,
Not knowing whether to just wait and see,
How long should I wait for you to heal,
Or should I move right in if my love is real,
I do not want to rush too fast,
Because I want this relationship to last.

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