There are barriers in this world,
Through which my heart cannot reach,
Icy cold barriers and walls of flame,
Status, age, language, race,
And others not called by name,
Too soon, too late, too poor, too rich,
Too light, too dark, too different,
All barriers of impervious stone,
And I am left isolated and alone,
Perhaps I build these walls myself,
To keep from feeling pain,
Or could it be these walls are real,
To keep the real me in,
Only because of God’s love for me,
Do I try these barriers span,
And when I reach beyond myself,
I face the needs of man,
The fears, the agony, of those around,
Remind me of my own,
I suffer and feel along with them,
With all the pain they’ve known,
I console, and love, and love again,
And much to my surprise,
They have changed and I have changed,
Right before my eyes,
The barriers that were, are no longer there,
As I do the things I must,
With open heart I praise the Lord,
For being merciful, loving, and just,
With lighter step I face the world,
But with one urgent plea,
The needs are there, the time is now,
Won’t you join with me,
To make this world a better place,
A sanctuary if you please,
Where barriers are down and love abounds,
And miracles never cease.

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