Psalm 2–Answer To My Loneliness

Psalm 2
I will praise You with my whole heart. You have heard my prayer and provided an answer to my loneliness.
What a joy to find someone to love, a life-long friend,
A person to talk to and share all hopes and dreams,
Someone to disclose my deepest fears,
Allowing myself to be vulnerable, feeling completely safe,
Keeping her, within my arms, next to my heart,
Oh give me wisdom to keep love’s flame burning,
And destroy the chains and walls that keep me from love,
I am learning to let go but I am struggling to be free from all bonds,
All my life I have built walls, trying to keep my heart safe from harm,
Knowing that when I left it unguarded I have suffered and bled,
I can not live or love until I let my guard down again,
And let Your love heal the wounds.
Knowing You, I can love again,
Taking a chance to discover all I need,
Building and growing as I was meant to be.
My love will not be a contract, but a covenant.
My beloved doesn’t have to say she loves me,
But my heart skips a beat when she does,
My dear one doesn’t have to kiss or touch me,
But I ache to feel her body’s warmth against mine,
I am full of love and I sing praise to the Lord most high.

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