Psalm 3–Selective Memory

Psalm 3
Unto You do I give praise, for the earth reveals Your splendor,
Each day should be a joy, a time to rejoice for all I have been given,
But I confess my memory plays funny tricks,
And I have forgotten the possessions and talents that have been squandered,
I still emphasize what I still want and don’t have,
I think I remember everything, yet in truth I remember virtually nothing,
Selective memory, that’s what it is all about, and You are my judge,
The past is vivid and alive, dancing before my eyes,
But I need to be reminded of all the day to day routines where I have been blessed,
Nor do I want to forget the warm memories of family and friendships,
Or painful memories of stress and death, for You were always with me,
Expose the world for me to see and let me know what you want me to do, Lord,
Let me discern the truth and see what I need to see,
Help me determine the directions I should go,
And determine the relationships that will strengthen me,
I have made choices and in minute parts I am improving,
Yet I am not a finished product, nor will I ever be until You change me,
As I stretch upward, growing, keep me ever mindful that I can stumble or fall,
But don’t hold me down for long,
I want to climb an upward path and keep my eyes on the Lord.

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