Family Pictures

Family Picture Day
I clean up really good,
That’s what you told me,
So I put on my Sunday clothes,
I’m as handsome as can be.

I know you left just for a minute,
To change baby sister’s pants,
I wanted to stand still and quiet,
But I saw a trail of ants.

I had to move around,
Just for a little while,
Now that you’re back,
I’ll try to show my smile.

In the corner of your eye,
Is that really a tear?
And why are you saying,
“This happens every year?”

I have a frog in one hand,
A rock in my other,
I’m ready for my picture, Mom,
Along with my brother.

A smudge on one cheek,
My usual crooked grin,
Forget my torn clothes, Mom,
I’m ready to begin.

I don’t like taking pictures,
And it’s no secret why,
I think those awful pictures, Mom,
Always make you cry.

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