I Enjoy Being Alone

I Enjoy Being All Alone
Don’t pity me, I enjoy solitary life,
There are no arguments or strife,
I can do whatever I want to do,
There’s no thought of you,
Though I wander aimlessly on my own,
Bleary eyed and hair wind blown,
Walking around until my feet are raw,
Do I miss you? No, not at all,
Waiting for the telephone to ring,
Waiting for morning to bring,
Closure to the long harsh night,
Don’t consider my sad plight,
I enjoy being alone,
Talking to myself about times long gone,
Dreaming of what once was and might have been,
Cleaning the house again and again,
Drinking coffee made from left over grounds,
Trying to forget all familiar sounds,
Taking another movie from the shelf,
I enjoy eating popcorn by myself,
Crying into my pillow where no one can see,
Who wouldn’t want to be me?

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