A Personal Solution

Personal Solution
There were days, months, and years that I searched for something,
Looking for answers, frustrated by the questions,
Hoping to find more meaning in life,
I searched the unknown, but my attempts were fruitless,
Leaving me but further behind, leaving me alone and empty,
There were wars fought to end all wars,
Youth’s eternal optimism coming to a halt in the blood and guts of realism,
And idealism became meaningless,
In the citadels of learning, knowledge was the goal,
But the books dealt with the past, not with me,
And everything learned only deepened the pit of despair,
Family, children, and other people were touted as the catch-all of life,
But however gratifying, the relationships could not fill the void,
Money, power, work, and all that the world said was success,
Only filled the days but not the nights,
And the moments alone were hollow,
But I found a solution, a personal solution,
That made me walk, dance, and sing,
My past was forgotten as I gazed upon His face,
And I knew I had the answers to all, time and endless space,
Jesus Christ was the solution, my personal solution,
By His blood and perfect grace.

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