I Was Ready to Dance Before I Was Born

The Musician
I was ready to dance before I was born,
While safe, secure, cozy, and warm,
I floated and listened to sounds that were near,
Stored and catalogued everything I could hear,
Music found its way to my hands and feet,
And I learned to move in time to the beat,
The steady rhythm of my mother’s heart,
Intrigued and excited, I got a fast start,
The nebulous outside world began to whir,
And other exotic beats began to stir,
I grew up with music in my blood,
Instruments that made sounds I always understood,
They came alive in my eager hands,
Singing their songs in ways I didn’t understand,
But I could feel what each needed to say,
“Hold me, love me, but please continue to play!”
And I danced, and I sang to my heart’s delight,
First for myself and then for the night,
But soon others knew the nights I performed,
Audiences would come, fair weather or storm,
And they’d dance forever, and they’d sing,
Celebrating with me, music for a king,
And that’s the way it’s always seemed,
My life with music was more than dreamed,
Before I was born, rhythm was in my soul,
Watching people smile has been my role,
The world was a stage, on which I performed,
Because I was ready to dance before I was born.

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