My Heart Remembers

Feel the rhythm of my words,
Taste them one at a time,
As you read, digest them slowly,
Letting the truths of what I say,
Be there to greet you every day,
You have my heart and along with it,
All the carefree memories of my youth,
All the agonies and triumphs of my loves,
My feelings as they unfolded,
About the lovers who marched across my stage,
As I grew and progressed from age to age,
My dreams were splashed across the sky,
But also remained with the beating of my heart,
And all the things that made me unique,
Are there for you to open the curtain and peek,
I have danced a different lifetime with each love,
For each love had a life of its own,
The lovers have long escaped my thoughts,
But my heart remembers each exciting beat,
And the searing, tormenting heat,
My skin remembers each and every touch,
Oh, yes, it remembers so much,
The differences as each lover is compared,
And my heart, the depths of how much I cared,
There was the first, when we both were so young,
Discovering all the ways for the heart to beat fast,
We had different visions of the future, so it didn’t last,
The second taught me how to explore,
And as my love grew, I craved for more,
She laughed and went her way,
Leaving me hurt and confused, but alive for another day,
The next love was much too soon,
Before I had recovered from the wounds,
And the next if you must,
Just attribute that one to lust,
And the rest,
I was not at my best,
There were days, months, years, that I searched for someone,
Looking, continually looking, but always alone,
Hoping to find a meaningful relationship,
Wanting it to breathe life, without it being a hardship,
I ask you to be gentle,
For my heart remembers where and when,
All the memories my head wants to end,
My dreams are splashed across the sky,
Waiting for you to share this life,
So take my heart and head and see,
You’ll have my past, present, all of me.

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