From Now Till Forever

Walk with me, talk with me,
See what you can see,
Look into my eyes, my very soul,
I won’t hold back any mystery,
If to know me is your goal,

My heart holds the key,
And yearns to be free,
To love and be loved in return,
Take your time and know me well,
You’ll be happy with what you learn,

Spend time with me, hold my hand,
Tell me your heart understands,
We’ll count the moments one by one,
Breathing the same sweet air,
With our hearts beating in unison,

As we depart we’ll pledge our love,
By the stars and heaven above,
Leaving with hearts that ache,
But dreams and thoughts of what could be,
Will leave us longing in the wake,

And I will search the world so wide,
To have you forever by my side,
Across a room your eyes will lock with mine,
Our hearts will know our love is true,
That it’ll stand the test of time.

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