Key Words for Love on the Internet

Building a Love Site On the Internet

I was looking for love on the internet,
Could I improve my chances of getting a hit?
Someone who liked me as soon as we met,
Someone who could love me more than a little bit,

I used blog sites, directories, and secret links,
Web crawlers, spiders, robots to search,
I used keywords galore as many as I could think,
But still I was left lonely in the lurch,

I hired a tech, the right words I couldn’t contrive,
And I started my own sites chasing my dream,
But right in front of me the tech came alive,
We had a lot in common it seems,

My eyes and heart conferred and agreed,
She liked my keywords and gave her consent,
So we updated frequently and went high speed,
My search was over and I was content,

My site is now crowded with crawlers galore,
We copied the same code time after time,
I’m happier than ever and couldn’t want for more,
I love my wife and her ratings still climb.

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