Out of the Darkness

Out of the Darkness
From out of the darkness I fell into love,
And I was fascinated by things I had not noticed before,
Shadows danced, guided by the moon above,
Crickets sang happy songs, score after score,
The sleepy world had awakened around me,
Wanting to share my new beginning,
Its heartbeat matched mine, wild and free,
So full of joy I could not keep from grinning,
And I slept well with a heart full of love.

But one early morn a message came to me,
And my life flipped upside down,
The truth was there for all the world to see,
Happiness was gone, hidden beneath my frown,
My lover had found another who offered more,
I was blinded by her revelation and my tears of pain,
And I’m not sure my heart I can restore,
And I’m not sure I will ever love again.

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