My Life is a Puzzle with Missing Parts

My life is a gigantic jigsaw puzzle,
Segments fitting together, brilliant in their design,
While in other places, gaping holes appear,
The pieces I could not find,

Life was so simple when I was young,
The flawless picture seemed in place, all within my plan,
How the pieces became lost or scattered,
That I still don’t understand,

Perhaps it was sloth or foolish pride,
Or ignorance itself, that changed my worldly view,
For piece by piece, my life fell apart,
My perfect universe askew,

My life doesn’t have to refit the box,
And there are sections I’d like to change,
The wrong tiles may be in the wrong spot,
But there’s no way to rearrange,

As I trudge my way through this life,
I could worry myself to death,
A conundrum to solve with missing parts,
But I don’t think I’ll hold my breath,

My life is composed of this puzzle called life,
And there are sections that make me bold,
I’ll be telling my grandchildren of all my strife,
But I’ll tell them my spirit is whole.

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