Two Storms Raged

Two Storms Raged

Last night I stood and faced the storm,
While lightning dazzled the sky,
I braced myself against the wind,
And pretended not to cry,

Nothing about this storm I feared,
Though terrible was its might,
I decided to share its deepest pain,
Just to get through the night,

I’ve tried real hard to keep my place,
To keep you as my friend,
But if you read my thoughts that race,
You’d know it’s hard for me to pretend,

The tempest focused its anger on me,
But I welcomed it drawing near,
The storm inside was stronger still,
And drove me with a blinding fear,

“You belong to another,” I said out loud,
“You have no love for me.
That only leaves me with one choice,
To live and love recklessly.”

Storms with come and storms will go,
I’ll live my life wild and free,
I’ll play the part of a brave, brave man,
But inside that won’t be me,

Storms outside may reach their goal,
And leave me a broken man,
But they cannot reach my soul, my dear,
Nor hurt me like you can,

Perhaps you’ll never know my pain,
For I’ll hide behind my smile,
But you will dance within my dreams,
And tarry with me awhile.

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