Twisted Steel

Twisted steelTwisted steelTwisted steelTwisted steel
Each strand of twisted steel
A memory wrapped in relationships,
Tying together all that has gone before,
And all that will happen,
The time Jamie was born,
The broken bone Carlos got,
Kindergarten separations and crying moms,
Birthday wishes come true,
The family reunions,
The long nights working to get ahead,
Mama at home cooking bread,
Growing together, growing apart,
Learning to share things of the heart,
The death of a friend,
Hardships of my kin,
Keith coming over to talk about his wife,
Just common everyday problems of life,
Each memory a strand,
And together they tell where I’ve been,
Twisted steel of a hard-working man,
A cable reaching across the land,
Twisted steel is what I am.

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