Love Languages

Love Languages
My heart speaks of love when I whisper your name,
But it doesn’t accomplish my goal unless your heart starts to flame,
If I give you gifts that I’ve chosen from far and near,
Trying to impress your heart, wanting my message clear,
What if the gifts don’t impress you much?
What if you would rather be touched?
What if you wanted me to caress your face,
Your hair, your arm, or share the same space?
What if I didn’t know the inner you?
Would I still treat you just the same?
Would this just be another adversarial game?
Or would I look for ways that reached your inner core,
And your heart expanded and you loved me more?
What if I showed my love by chasing the moon,
Swimming a river, or writing a poem that made you swoon?
Would you tell me how much you cared,
Or would you laugh at the things I dared?
Remember when we talked till dawn,
Ran barefoot through sprinklers on the lawn?
When we went to the City and shared our time,
Making memories of laughter and rhyme?
I told you how wonderful you are, and as a start,
Over and over I poured out my heart,
I gave you complements I knew to be true,
The words flowed freely about wonderful you,
But what if all the words I say,
Just don’t make your day?
Or what if my words honey sweet reach your heart,
Does that mean we’ll never part?
I’m trying so hard to reach my goal,
Of speaking love languages that reach your soul,
But in order for love languages to effective be,
You will also learn the ones meant for me,
And if I learn yours and you learn mine,
We’ll communicate in ways that are divine,
Not one language but three or more,
And we’ll see what heaven has in store.

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