Psalm 4 (Bonus Day)

Psalm 4 (Bonus Day)
When I thought my life was over,
You gave me one more day,
I had time to praise you and pray,
During this bonus day,
The doctors said my heart could not make it,
And my smile could not fake it,
You gave me a bonus day, several in fact,
And I haven’t looked back,
For here I am, ready for whatever You bring,
I don’t know if the sun will rise tomorrow,
But if I greet the sun I’ll say, “This is a bonus day,”
What I did yesterday influences what I do today,
But tomorrow is a bonus day,
Ready for a brand new start,
Whether I have pleasure or pain,
I don’t know if I’ll come this way again,
For I’m tired and growing older,
So I’ll stay in the light, out of the shadows, out of death’s way,
And let tomorrow be another bonus day,
How can I ignore Your existence,
When the leaves of the trees whisper Your name,
When the stars declare Your beauty,
And the rocks call out Your name?
I see Your face written in stone and hear Your voice,
Offering me joy and peace,
It was not in the raging storm,
But in the quiet aftermath,
When You walked by me and let me
Feel Your presence,
I’ve seen so much sweet sorrow,
Of those who’ve passed this way alone,
They tried to hold on to tomorrow,
But you gave me this bonus day,
You hold me in Your hands,
Knowing my beginning and my end,
You’ve given me another day,
To play, to pray, or simply to say,
“Thank you for this bonus day.”

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